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Hey There!

Welcome to Capn.dev

This is Capn's personal website/portfolio.

Feel free to look around and check everything out.

My Projects

These are some of the larger projects I have created in the past. You can find more of my projects on my Github.


A library I wrote for my internship with Cisco that can make Red Hat’s CVE database easily consumable in a variety of ways.


FoodBot is a Discord bot for foodies. It has a wide range of food-related commands such as finding recipes and getting nutritional facts. It is currently in around 2000 Discord servers with a little under 220,000 total users.


Mellow is a programming language created in Python using the rply library. It is very similar to Python and can even import Python libraries, including asynchronous libraries such as asyncio and aiohttp.

Contact Me

Discord: @Capn#0212

Twitter: @TRGCapn

Email: capnsurvivalist@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (713)-392-8748